Epic secretly deletes critical marketplace reviews?

Forgive me the conspiratory title, but today I noticed that some of my negative reviews (ratings) on marketplace assets don’t exist anymore, as if they have been deleted. Which I did not do myself, so it must have been Epic I assume.

None of them broke any rules; Which makes me wonder, why some of my critical reviews get deleted and more importantly, why I do not get notified about this?

It’s pretty weird to go back to an asset after a few months and not find your review anymore, and even more so that none of my positive reviews have been deleted.

Is this a bug or do negative reviews get deleted randomly? What’s going on here?

Have you checked Legacy Comments section? Link is at the end of Review section.

Yes I did, there are none. It was newer anyway and before it disappeared it showed up under the normal current reviews. My review just got deleted for some reason, without any notification at all.

Probably asset owner delete it?

How can an asset owner delete a review? If this is true, that would make the whole rating system completely untrustworthy.

Yea I’d like to know this too… sounds a bit fishy to me too. hmmmm

In the event a review or question is flagged, the Marketplace team will investigate the situation and determine whether or not to remove the post, according to the guidelines mentioned here.

For example, in one of your reviews, @spacegojira, the team reproduced the issue and determined it was caused by an engine bug, versus a problem with the product itself.

Product owners cannot remove their own reviews.

Hope that helps clear things up!

Thank you Amanda for clearing things up.

I would suggest though that your team in future notifies the buyer / author of the deleted review; first to let them know why a review get deleted and prevent confusion, and second so that the buyer can use that information to better make use of the asset (or be able to use it at all).

In my case for example, it would have helped me a lot to have been notified, so that I could circumvent the bug and actually make use of the asset I paid for. Because I can guess which asset it is, but I still have no idea what engine bug prevented me from using it.

Can we get some info if this (notifying the buyers) is actually planned?

Amanda, can we get a reply on if you are planning in future to notify users if their reviews / ratings are removed? Or tell us why users do not get notified about the removal of their reviews? Thanks in advance.

Moving forward, we’ll send an email when a Marketplace post gets removed, and provide a general reason for why it was removed. If a customer wants to dispute our decision, they can create a ticket on the Marketplace Support Site for further discussion.


Thank you Josh for this decision, this will be very helpful to use assets that were previously unusable and generally avoid confusion.

Have a great day, and stay healthy! :slight_smile: