Epic releasing meshes, or not?

Hey guys,

Not sure if I’m posting in the proper forum, but I was wondering if epic was going to be releasing more meshes as time goes on to subscribers or are we creating our own?

Epic isn’t in the business of releasing meshes (remember Epic also make video games, so their artist are probably busy), that’s something you will need to make or buy. Once the UE4 market place is open I’d imagine you’ll see meshes, material,blueprint,etc for sale by community members.

There will be more meshes added when they release the new examples (effect example), you can always download more from turboquid, blendswap,… and of course you can create them by yourself. :wink:

Free Assets (for UDK): ?v=NfN-iFwEXmw

thanks guys, I suppose it’s time to hone my 3DS/Maya talent

Heya ,

Epic will be releasing much more content in the future, you can see some the stuff coming down the pipeline in the Preview section of the Marketplace.

And as said, there are numerous locations to get any specific content you are looking for.

neat, are assets used in UDK forwards compatible?

Nope, you can’t directly use the UDK assets

meshes: you have to export them as a fbx or obj
materials/particles: you have to recreate them

They just released the Blueprint Office in the market place which might have new meshes