EPIC PLEASE READ!!!!!: can someone please do a tutorial on using -DUMPMOVIE!!!

I would really appreciate if someone can show how this works there are many of that are frustrated as hell because we have followed the documentation to a tee and cant get any output. I have been fighting with this for almost 2 weeks and am about to lose a client and possibly my job over this because I cant get and of the movie output features to work.

You will probably get a better response then having all caps for part of the title and lots of exclamation marks.

Hope someone from epic or the community can help you though :slight_smile:

Doing what I can. I have been ranting about this for over a week and have gotten one epic person to give it the time of day. Now I’m in a really bad position at my job over this.

I have made numerous threads here and replied and stared several answer hub topics regarding it and have not gotten a single EPIC response. I’m beginning to thing that they don’t even read this stuff. when they first opened up the engine for subscription you could get a epic staffer to answer a question in a matter of an hour or so most times. Now it has gotten almost impossible to get a response most of the time. it is like in the last 6 month or so that they just dont really have any official people on here. There is NO real support other than community members and documentation. Well in this case either: the docs are wrong, the is broken and no one is taking the time to check and say so.

I mean I’m all for the community system but there needs to be something a bit more professional. there needs to be a $100 per incident or something where you can at LEAST get someone from epic to email or call you and see whats going on. and if it is a bug on their end you shouldn’t get charged. I don’t mind paying. But because there is not real professional support now i’m screwed.

Please link the AnswerHub Posts! I can try to help !

there are all here for the most part

Thanks , I responded to you on that thread. Will keep an eye on it for you!

I’ve answered your question from AnswerHub: https://answers.unrealengine.com/que#answer-195931

TLDR; In order for the -DUMPMOVIE command to work you will need to package your game then use the command line argument, as it will not work with the editor.

Movie recording in matinee goes crazy MANY issues! please help! - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums!

I see in your original post you were having issues with content rendering that had been removed and it was washed out.

While this wasn’t mentioned in the post linked above we can help you with this if you post an AnswerHub with this information along with any relevant screenshots that may help in determining what may be happening.

I sorted out the removed content. There was a level that didn’t show up but was getting loaded at run-time that had those items in it. So the real only reason that I’m having to use this route is that the movie recorder in Matinee doesn’t trigger layer distance for loading tiled worlds. making it useless for this project. Is there a reason for this or is this a bug? IMHO this is not the expected behavior and should be considered a bug. if it is intended to work this way then there should be a switch on a matinee camera that is “treat as PAWN” so that it would be treated as a player and work exactly like it does when I hit play in the main window.