Epic (Please) Give the market place sorting options by price, engine version

The market is getting more products everyday, and its time consuming to sort through it all. Most of what I want to see is how the Unity store runs, where it gives you the options to sort by price, engine version, etc. Doing it form the smaller window of the Launcher makes it hard to find what you are looking for quickly.

Thank you!


Sorting is definitely a commonly requested feature, whether it’s through prices, genres, etc. I believe it’s on the list of things the team wants to add in the future. =)

choose set by including PBR material, “tick/untick option” would be great too, it’s an easier way to work ! :wink:

They should copy what the Unity Asset Store does, they have a lot of filters.

Seriously, You want to compete with Unity? Don’t add another feature to your engine! Just give us an asset store that’s actually useful. The engine is so amazing, but the community is seriously hampered by a sub-par market.

The only real thing I need is they not taking 4 months to release a pack submission though…
On Unity’s store ppl moan when just 1 week have passed and no review yet.

Are you referring to the UE4 marketplace or Unity with the 4 months release window? I’ve found the UE4 marketplace submission times to have gradually improved over my time here. My last pack took like 3 weeks to get onto the marketplace IIRC. It’s not perfect, but I have to give the staff credit it has definitely gotten better.

Submissions involving C++ cide takes real… reeaall long to be reviewed.

Ah that makes sense then, I was speaking to a typical marketplace submission.

Marketplace Assets

A list of all the marketplace assets ordered by price as of 5th Feb 2017

4 years. We can only use filtering that doesn’t even work for some reason? Item was listed on showcase as discounted and when filtering for either price it just won’t appear? Nothing appears? Is it the mandatory local currency (that lowered the value of coupons by 20% btw)? If it doesn’t work do not enforce it please…

I’m sorry, I don’t want to rant, I love UnrealEngine but the epic client really needs fixing. Yes, the epic games side of it is even worse… i just don’t understand why. Simply adding an “ORDER BY browsetable.price ASC/DESC” to your query shouldn’t take 4 years. Not from a company capable of creating the wonders we have seen already. So what makes me this riled up is that it appears that all of this is completely intentional.

That scares me because it means someone wants this company to fail? It won’t fail just from some lacking features (probably) but still, someone is actively trying to hurt the company then? And is in a position of power apparently… I’m sorry but I just really don’t want epic to go away. Yes, obviously selfish reasons are mixed in there since I am using the engine after all but come on.

How do you think Epic became 20 Billion richer, the Marketplace?
Dude lol, did you ever consider doing standup comedy maybe??? :stuck_out_tongue:
There are a million of these MP ranty threads going back to 2014!

Epic simply do not care - not about this area - not enough anyway. :wink:
Same with the forums (all outsourced & search sort is borked atm).
Instead Epic prefer to promote a wishlist that’s an external link wtf?