Epic Online Services failed - EOS-ERR-1603

Since I changed my computer I can’t install EOS. The error is EOS-ERR-1603.
I’m using Windows 10 and .NET Framework 3 is already installed as described in:

What I think is causing the error is that I installed Unreal Laucher on D: drive instead C:.


[2021.06.05-01.36.00:679][999]LogEOSInstallService: Installing Epic Online Services
[2021.06.05-01.36.02:245][ 41]LogEOSInstallService: Install of Epic Online Services failed: EOS-ERR-1603
[2021.06.05-01.36.02:245][ 41]LogPortal: Error: FAlertReporter: Reporting Alert code: EOS-ERR-1603

EventError.xml (1008 Bytes)

Thank you!