Epic Online Service - Player Data Storage

Not sure when this feature was released, but with 1.6 it appears to be available. The SDK includes a sample of PlayerDataStrorage, a complete project. The question is immediately, how can this be setup, and what needs to be configured.

So far I used Gamesparks, they have something called CloudCode, you send requests, trigger events, and a MongoDB is there to store runtime PlayerData. Thus, how can we send EOS queries from within the game, receive data, and we need to understand how can this be optimized.

1.6 News https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/b…-game-services
SDK Epic Online Services | Services

Sample Documentation https://dev.epicgames.com/docs/servi…age/index.html

Player data handling from within Unreal, example method using Gamesparks:

First we fetch all player data in requested query, based on a configured script event.

Next we assign values as needed:

Example how to update player data, basically calling the relevant values, collecting them in a string variable array, then sending this to the server for storage. Ideally you would update single array values.

This is how it looks on the server:

And loading a specific value, so that we do not have to pull the entire player data all the time - the player data gets stored in an object, only updated when required:

Next, we need to identify the EOS request nodes, and how to script and or make use of server functionality to handle player data storage.

It appears that EOS is using no database, but file storage, ie. the savegame entity, accessible through a dedicated interface. Player Data Storage Interface | Epic Online Services Developer