@Epic: Nice forum icon update!

I see the forum icons now updated with UE4 icons. Neat job Epic! :smiley: I really like how the icons are colored once we login and saturated when we log out.

Please consider changing this theme too. Since UE4 is based on black theme, why not make this forum reflect that? This white theme is kinda dull, plus hyperlinks are hard to see. I personally would like to see forum avatars too. :slight_smile:

Yep, it looks pretty cool now -> I especially like the little country icons in the “international” section :slight_smile:

A bit outdated though, simple solid flat icons would be better.

I don’t like also.
It would be better if they add a few themes that we could choose from. For example, at night I would like to change it to a dark theme. :wink:


We need accessibility in the forums, not cutesy little icons.

Epic, what gives?