Epic Megagrants : Still waiting for answer

Hi everyone!

As some of you have done, we have applied for the Epic Megagrants for two specific projects.

The applications were sent in July with a full descriptions of the projects and a protected website (the password was given within the application form) showing some of our projects and giving even more details about why we are asking the Epic Games input.

sinds then, we only received one mail telling us that one of the project requires more time to be evaluated and nothing for the other one.

The 3 months delay is over for a few weeks now and we still detect no activities on the website we have provided.

Has one of you also been in that situation?

Those applications mean a lot for us, has Epic Game been too optimistic about they delay they announced in the submission form? Are our applications lost in the limbos (awesome game by the way)?

Thank you in advance for your help!

PS: I apologize if I’m posting in the wrong section, I really didn’t know where to write that post.

Have a great day!

I submitted a plugin, not a game, and got the same type of response…
I took that as a “-No!” and moved on :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep … same.
They said they needed more time. Its just a polite no. I kept working on my project and it’s been a success anyway.

Although it would be nice to have, you should not rely on Epic Grant money.

The money doesn’t really matter.
The marketing attached to grants is much more valuable.

Well with out knowing the project it would be impossible to say why it’s taking so long, if long at all. Epic is not the only organization offering grants so the first question on my mind is “have you done the research?”.

I could write pages on the subject but Google is your friend as to where to apply and how to write for a grant. :smiley:

By the way 4-6 months is about the average for any grant.

In fact the “need a bit more time to make a decision” mail sounds more like an automated email for when they can’t reply to your project fast enough.

The following two posts kind of illustrate that they will finally give you a clear decision, and I think you may still have a chance to win the grants. Please don’t lose hope yet and just be more patient.

I applied 6 months ago. Got an email 3 months later saying they need more time, sent them an email a month later asking them an update, they replied back that it’s in the final stages and I will get an answer really soon and now 2 more months have passed with nothing.

And when they got back to me they didn’t commit to any dates like the original one, so very soon can mean anything, which I find very discouraging. You can’t make any plans around answers like that.

Yes, the “need more time” email doesn’t seem like the final one… But you can’t hold your breath on a follow-up email either :eek:

Just keep working on it, and hope for the best!