Epic Megagrants and Royalties

hello since i really don’t know if this is the right place (and couldn’t find any forum for questions), here a question

anyone know if the money earned from the megagrants count towards the 1 million mark to pay the 5% fee royalties, like let’s say i win the megrants and get a donor of 500.000,00, i’m still have the 1 million mark or now i only have 500k?

i means that because when reading about the megagrants it’s say which epic never gonna ask any return from this money, which means not supposed to count toward the 1 million mark however when reading the royaltie rules it don’t say nothing towards the megagrants, making me a little confuse, then being practical the money get from the megagrants counts or not towards the revenew which i need to pay back to epic in the royalties???.

Epic would not be buying the game from you in return for the Megagrant money, so no it would not count towards the royalty amount.

The FAQ expressively states:

You do not have to pay royalties on award winnings.

thanks for the replay, i did read the FAQ but it was a little confuse because in others cases like for exemple kickstarter and others ways to get money you have to pay( at last for the part which is about direct related to the game itself like copys or transactions), then it made me a little confuse on how exactly the megagrants would fall here, then it means which let’s say if any company (other than epic) decide to fund me like give a “free money” then i don’t need to pay royalts from that even if not mega grants right?

then in the case a publisher decide to fund my project like to give a x amount of the game to later i have to pay it back on part of the value from the sales this x ammount they will give me also counts towards the royalty or goes to the "award winning?

ex: publisher x liked my project and decided to give 1 million dollar to fund my project for me to payback it later in the sals like let’s say 50% of the value until i pay back then 2 million or something like that, the first million they give me how it gonna count?

The difference could possibly be that you usually sell copies in advance when you crowd fund.

So that doesn’t count as an award winning, being it’s a copy sold.

How it goes into the overall total of royalties depends on what commitment you make to those putting the money up.

If you have a publisher, they are there to worry about all the licensing fees and everything else publishing related for you… otherwise they would not be much of a publisher…