Epic marketplace for Games

I wonder if Epic games would consider sale of finished games on the marketplace? The new rev share split is certainly more sane than losing nearly a third on someplace like steam. So how about it Epic is this a possibility?

I don’t think their infrastructure can support that well enough given their history


Epic / Tim Sweeney have acknowledged just how broken the marketplace really is
They can take this route and build out the infrastructure now if they want / choose to…
The question is will they??? If not, what else might Epic do with the new ‘war chest’… :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly! If I publish something on steam (or elsewhere) it will just get buried under the avalanche of other content. It is entirely up to me to bring eyes on my product. So in effect I’m just paying for really expensive hosting. That’s something I can arrange for myself including such extra features as serving updates. I would be more complicated sure, but would still be at a much lower cost.

But if Epic were to open their marketplace to publish games that would be better still. They can certainly afford to do so, especially since Tim Sweeney thinks this can be profitable. I really hope it is something they consider implementing.

You’re unlikely to get much feedback here. I’ve been trying forever!
But you can always try emailing:::

Ha! Steam is a great idea, but had to be pushed on us originally, as a launcher that updated a classic game (Half Life 2), and it got gradually turned into a storefront.

I’m definitely seeing some parallels. :smiley:

second this.

We always say this but never got an “official” no, even…

Well it seems like we got an official YES :slight_smile: