Epic Marketplace Asset Removed/Re-Packaged

I bought two different assets from a developer “gametime414” on the marketplace several years ago, the first is called “FPS Starter” (different from the original name) and also a weapon pack from the developer which was basically a copy of a Vector style sub-machine gun which you could add onto the FPS template easily. Well back in June 2019 the developer made a completely new asset that combined the two assets together and added a few subtle changes which he called “MP System” for $149… ok, that’s fine. He basically left me and anyone else high and dry but whatever. I initially contacted the developer and asked him please to give me a license to the new pack and he refused.

That said though, now he’s removed the Vector style sub-machine that I paid 50 bucks for completely from the marketplace. Needless to say, I hadn’t saved it in a project and plus I switched computers so basically its like it never even existed at this point and this con-artist gets to keep running his business here. I don’t think its worth the fuss of contacting Epic over 50 bucks but whatever, everyone should know about this flim flam artist.

Yeah, I’m completely familiar with the terms and conditions of the agreement. However, the asset isn’t merely “hidden” from new customers its now completely gone from my Vault. So something I paid for got blended into a new asset, renamed and then the original asset got completely removed. I thought I made that crystal clear. This is a classic bait-and-switch grifter move in my opinion. I don’t think its a legitimate way of doing business. I just looked way way back in my PayPal history and at least I still have proof I purchased it.