Epic make yourself unique on the forums

Would be good if you guys had the epic logo under your name here on the forum.
It is easy to miss a post made by an Epic employee, maybe even display a little icon if you guys have replied to a thread.

Just take a look at Blizzard for example, impossible to miss any of their post on the forums.

It already says “Unreal Engine Developer” or similar below Epic members’ names on the left. But I agree, a small icon would help to quickly find Epic’s response to a particular question in a long thread. Just don’t add avatars for everyone, that would be an ugly mess.

Hi Seraium,

Thank you for your feedback, we will take this into consideration.

Maybe a signature with cool graphics. :cool:

Unfortunately that could be faked by others. It should be something that admins give exclusively to the users in the “Unreal Engine Developer” group only. Luckily that’s easy enough to do in VB.

+1 on this.

+1, it’s needed.

I was gonna suggest that! Also if it’s possible to do like in Riot/Blizzard’s forums, you can see if someone from them replied and navigate the official comments that way. I think it’s really needed especially for the whole community development of Unreal tournament!

What if instead of making ourselves “unique” we make ourselves “rare”? ducks

+1, something simple like red names or different background color would be great


They now their title in red. Mission accomplished.

What ?

Just saw one of the developer title is Bold and Blue.


Yep, the UT developers are red now -> e.g Flak ( :slight_smile:

Thanks. Looks neat. Now you just have to get everyone to start using that. :slight_smile:

I made a thread with a similar topic and I put in some nice ideas on how to improve the forums. I completely agree with you.

And in my opinion this shouldn’t be optional for the Staff, but everyone would automatically get it in that rank (using the Forum Control Panel).