Epic launcher

hey guys !

i want to meet the developper who made the epic launcher to say just one thing to him :

What’s wrong with you ?!!!
is this just some random numbers with the rand function or what ?

seriouseley , i love UE4, for me it’s just the best game engine , the community , the staff mindset … etc, it’s a gift from god .
but this thing ? NO

this is my second installation in my second PC , and it’s painfull as the first time . in the first machine i have installed the lancher after lot of tries and pain .but didn’t succed to install the engine , so i ended up by downloading the source from github and building it .

so please EPIC drop this thing and make something that just work !

Not sure there. But i never had Problems downloading a launcher update or basically unreal update. I don’t know your internet speed but maybe your connection to the next servers network is pretty bad?

Altough it is (at least in my case) more painfull to download the source dependencies because they’ll give me download speeds at 300 - 500kb/sec which is pretty confusing because rates on the binary version are around 12mb/s.

But your threads title is pretty confusing it just says “epic launcher” on which i though was more like a generell feedback thread for the Epic Games Launcher instead of slow download speeds. Would be cool if you could consider change its name for clarity. :wink:

Never had any issues with the launcher… Well, wait… One version did forget who I was. But, OK now.


It is funny that I posted similar thread yesterday, after I was fed up waiting engine to update. Oh well.