Epic Launcher: Why is there no beta engine anymore?

Reasoning: I wanted to move to 4.19 when the first 4.20 beta existed.
Normally I can select the current beta version in the “install new engine” combo box. I don’t see any beta there. Why is there no beta any longer? Is there a different location to get the current UE engine?
What is the meaning of the version “Magic Leap”?

Epic only releases the preview versions of the engines within the launcher when they are ready for it to be mass tested.

You can download various builds like the current 4.20 build form Epic’s Github, but you have to manually compile the engine.

Magic Leap is augmented reality glasses, it’s a product from from a separate company that UE4 is adding support for. It’ll be supported in a similar way that the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive is supported.

Thank you very much. I feared I were missing something important. Worst case… no more UE because “stupid reason xy”. Thanks!