Epic Launcher Vault needs some love


I have used the Epic Launcher for many years now and I am very unhappy with how it performs and how little love it seems to have received over this time.

With many assets in the vault I am suffering with:

  1. Every time the launcher is loaded and Library clicked the Vault has to re-download all vault items which is very slow.
  2. Where are the filter options? All we have is search. If the package title does not include a specific word then your search is useless.
  • Searching for “vehicle plugin” will show every pack that matches it perfectly but should really return both everything with “vehicle” or “plugin”.

  • If you search for “plugin” you will only get packs that have “plugin” in their title but not if they actually are a plugin : /

  1. No categories is a big headache. Packs should be part of multiple categories like Materials, Plugins, Vehicles, Effects and many more… what about making custom categories that I control and can add the packs to them myself?
  2. Version controls so that I can see which packs support Engine 4.25? Currently you would have to view every tiny info icon on each pack panel to view its supported versions.
  3. Tracking in which projects a pack is used.
  4. Uninstalling a pack from a project if no assets from that pack are used
  5. Optionally adding only some assets from an entire pack. For example: Add 5 static meshes from a village pack with hundreds of assets.
  6. Better gallery view of the packs images so that you can make a better decision if the pack has the assets you need with possibly a viewer of asset previews.
  7. Packs should contain tags that the developers can add so that when you search the tags are also searched.
  8. The vault should be separate to the library so that it is a panel/section entirely different to the library.

Anyway I really hope that Epic listen to my comments because they do such wonderful things and the launcher is letting the side down from a developers point of view.


Can I Get an Amen? :eek: