Epic Launcher: "Uh oh there's supposed to be.." and no download button

Hi all,

Probably not the exact right section of the forum to post this but I couldn’t find a better one so bear with me for a sec please.

Earlier this evening I was playing Paragon just fine. Because of troubleshooting purposes I formatted and reinstalled Windows and now I can’t download Paragon anymore (DL button is missing) and at all other tabs it says “Uh oh there’s supposed to be something here but you can’t see it. Fix your net” (or similar).

Only thing I can recall that is different now is that I was running W10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) and now I’m running W10 version 1511. The hole troubleshooting thing was rolling back to pre-AU so I really hope it’s not some incompatibility between the luancher and older versions of W10.

How can I get the launcher to connect again? BTW, I am seeing news and stuff in the Paragon tab just fine.

Please see if anything on this site will help:

If not, use the ‘Email’ Button to contact Epic support.

Wish you luck! :smiley: