Epic Launcher starts but does not show on screen

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using UE4 on work PC (decent built, graphic etc) and my home PC and also my MacBook Pro. I never had any problems with starting the software. The windows on my work PC was updated last week and now Epic Launcher opens but nothing shows on the screen. Funny thing is, it is actually open, but like a ghost lol. my mouse cursor changes while moving on screen and at some spots when I click it opens my browser. So I am 100% sure the Epic Launcher is open but all I see is my desktop background.

  • I updated my graphic card (NVIDIA 1080 Ti)
  • I Uninstalled and reinstalled the software
  • I restarted the PC multiple times
  • Opened it As Administrator
  • Disabled the Firewall and the antivirus
  • Asked the IT guys of the company to help and they did not find any solution

I appreciate if anyone has any solution to this weird issue. Thank you!


We’d love to look into your problem further, but we need a little extra information. If possible, could you reproduce this issue with your launcher gathering debug info and share those logs?

Since you’re not able to see the launcher’s interface, you’ll need to enable debug logging via command line. You can do this by creating, and modifying, a shortcut to the Epic Games Launcher, then launching from that shortcut. I’ve included some steps below that should help you enable debug logging and find the log file.

  1. Right click the shortcut and select “properties”
  2. Navigate to the end of the target line and add the following command. -debuglogging.
    Your target line should look something like this, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win32\EpicGamesLauncher.exe” -debuglogging"
  3. Apply the changes and click “ok”.
  4. Open your launcher using the modified shortcut.
  5. Navigate to your logs folder. C:\Users*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Logs
  6. Copy the most recent log file there and attach it to this post.


Hi Ben,

Thank you for your response! I attached three log files that are created after following your instruction.

[link text][1]
[link text][2]
[1]: 245948-epicgameslauncher.log (23.8 KB)
[2]: 245950-epicgameslauncher-backup-20180702-074501.log (28.6 KB)