EPIC Launcher rework needed!


I will update the ARK Dev Kit.

But i can’t do this because “Insufficient storage available at C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ARKDevKit
55 GB required. Available free space 15 GB”
I wont redownload the complete dev kit but the launcher message say to me i need this O.o

Please fix this.

i have the version 201.5 installed over the epic launcher.

Dont get what do you mean :confused: do you have enough space on C drive? it’s said you only have 15GB and 55GB is required

I think they mentioned it in one of their livestreams. Will come but has no high priority. I mean there are even bigger problems with the launcher.

Besides that: They mention the download size of the DevKit two lines above the download button. You have to take care that you have enough space.

The problem is people already have 55Gb+ of devkit installed and the installer is asking for another 55Gb rather than just assuming overwriting existing files. It should just ignore the disk space check on an update.

This is because the EG Launcher is seeing you ran out of space. Free up more space on your HDD/SSD and then restart the update (unless you are saying its STILL past that point trying to download 55gb).

PS (directed at OP): Letting your HDD get filled past 50% capacity space wise is a REALLY BAD habit to get into. It will destroy your HDD speeds and bog down the drive to the point of it being nearly unusable. Don’t install the ADK on a drive with very little space left on it, that is just a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me >.<

Hey thanks for the answers.

But i have installed the Dev Kit via the Epic Launcher.
I need to update the Dev Kit and the launcher say to me: i need 55GB free space but i only want to update.

I installed the devkit through the epic launcher, which downloaded v200.5. I tested cooking the DinoArena mod, which crashed at run-time during loading in SinglePlayer on the v204.1 client on Steam. I downloaded the new 201.6 devkit binaries from github, and DinoArena still crashes on load for Steam. Are there tightly-coupled dependencies that modders need to be aware of in order to make mods run in the client? I’ve been attempting to get a simple mod to run without success.

The problem is the launcher is asking for space it does not need. I’m running mine on an SSD. Cleared enough room for the dev kit to install with some wiggle room and then the update demanded another 55 GB, today it wants another 60?!?!?! I moved everything around, the update installed and I had 55 GB of free space left on the drive AFTER the update finished. The update did not even NEED any additional space. IMHO the devs are really blowing it. They keep adding new content to an extremely glitching game full of bugs. Fix the bugs and then add new functionality/content. Regression testing doesn’t appear to be part of their development strategy.

Between the broken updater and the constant crashes/lockups, I do not even see how anyone can even create a stable community mod for this game.

That’s my two cents. I uninstalled the dev kit and will revisit after the devs get their $^%& and their priorities together.

This is still a problem.

I left the Dev Kit downloading all of yesterday which allowed me to download approximately 70% of the required files. Last night I turned my computer off and today when I tried to resume the download, the stupid software is unable to resume. To continue, it is still tying to find the total amount of free space required…however is it completely ignoring all of the previous files that were downloaded. The first image below shows the current DevKit size, the second image shows the error I’m receiving while trying to Resume.

What’s the point of a Resume button if it doesn’t even work???

Install it via the epic launcher then keep it updated via manual downloading of the github and dropbox files, they are posted on this forum a day or two before the update hits the launcher, I have my adk on a 128gb SSD and my ADK is 95gb so i dont have the space it wants to download the 3gb updates (46gb)