Epic launcher performance

I’ve got a huge amount of entries (293 entries) in my vault under “Unreal Engine” → “Library” and the “Epic Launcher” is becoming really slow.

On start up the software needs a long time to build up the vault and scrolling in the vault is really slow, too.

Furthermore the epic launcher seems to change the performance of the whole pc, using almost 10% CPU usage for a long time (which is really much since I use a 8core/16 threads i7-7820x). One cpu is on 100% all the time. When I close the launcher while working I’ve got a much better performance.

Furthermore it would be great to have some filter functionality in the vault, like in the marketplace.

Yes, the launcher is getting heavier. In my case, the same thing happens. even having a good pc. Let’s wait and fix it soon.

I have the same issue, do you know if there will be a fix for this, please?

I had this issue on my old computer as well. On my new build, the performance is better although not exactly “smooth”. It appears the launcher is not multi-threaded and bound to single core performance, which crippled my old 64core system as it was great at multithreading but terrible on single core.