Epic Launcher keeps saying "Sign in to Buy" always

I downloaded Epic Launcher, installed, UE 4.10, sample projects from “learn” section which downloaded and worked fine. But when I try to download free content from Marketplace section even though I’m already signed in, it tells me “sign in to buy”. I press this button, login window appears and I login, after that - same thing. “Sign in to buy” in content detail in launcher’s marketplace. I basically cant download anything and feeling very frustrated. I tried to disconnect from internet, restart my PC, check that I’m not behind some proxy.

If this is a bug, where to report? How to download anything?

Post a new question on the AnswerHub using the Marketplace section I guess and hopefully some of the Epic staff can sort you out!


I connected to different WiFi network and everything went well. Probably caching was the problem at some point.