Epic Launcher Keeps restarting Twin Motion installation after completion

Hi folks so this is really frustrating,

i spent all day yesterday trying to install Twin Motion on my Win7 64bit machine. It keeps getting to the 80pc installed mark and then shoots up to 100pc installed before saying ‘verifying - Cleaning up’ and then deletes the entire install and restarting installing from 0pc again.

I had UE4 running succesfully on this Win7 machine for a year or so but had to delete it after the Epic Launcher started giving a ’ api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-l2-1-0.dll ’ error and kept constantly crashing.

So i did a fresh install of Epic Launcher and after restarting the computer i got the same dll error as above (i found a fix for that on the unreal forum by just copying the api.dll file from System / Windows into the Unreal Program Files location)

Just looking for any tips to solve this annoying installation issue. I have Epic Launcher installed on it’s default path - C/ProgramFiles86. I have been running it as Admin and trying to install Twin Motion to C/ProgramFiles (again it’s default path) like i had done in the past with UE. I saw a video where someone says a fix might be to install it on another drive but i really don’t want to be doing that as C is my only SSD at the moment.

Is there anything else i can try to resolve the issue (baring in mind i’ve only just done the fresh install? C drive has 150gb left on it so storage shouldn’t be the culprit. I turned off firewall (Windows Defender is always turned off) although do have Malwarebytes installed (but it’s the free one so shouldn’t be realtime blocking anything). Not sure what else could be causing the issue.

Any advice / workarounds much appreciated,