Epic Launcher doesn't start

Hey all,

New to UE4, signed up and only downloaded yesterday. Today when i try to launch the launcher nothing happens (its in taskmanager) no error codes
running as admin -Win7 64 16gb/GTX980/AMD FX8350


Hi there, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

If it is in the task manager and you don’t actually have it open, right click on the launcher in task manager and end the task (or restart your computer). Once it is closed try re-opening to see if that is the only.

If it still won’t load, please make a post to the so Epic staff can work with you to get it running again.


Thanks for the welcome/assist :slight_smile:

its in task manager after i run it and even if i kill it and retry, it still does the same, i will try a reboot and failing that i will post at the link