Epic Launcher does not recognize purchased game

First post. Fully expect to get flamed.

Purchased the pre-release game, had fun, wanted to mod a weapon of my own. Downloaded and installed the Editor. Watched/re-watched the online vidz for them. ( Spent hours doing so.) I think I have good weapon, but need my single-player game to see it fully in action, not just the editor’s. The problem, I believe, is that the U-engine doesn’t see my purchased game as it keeps suggesting that I need to purchase it, even though it shows me as “logged in”, which is really just a web-thing. I can play the game, sure, but no mods show up that I am aware of. Also, it seems that about an update or so ago of either the game or editor, some files are being stored on one of my auxiliary (yeah, gotta’ love spell-check) drives and not the main “C:” drive which is SSD. It slowed things down a bit, but still functional. Does anyone know what I have done wrong to break the ties between the two? Or did I mess up when I installed the editor and did not know where it required to be installed in the actual game directory?

I don’t quite follow. I never had the issue where the Dev Kit is tied to a Steam purchase.

i think its steam not the engine the engine dosent check at all to see if u have purchased the game but when u upload it steam verifies that u have the game as part of ur library before u can upload a mod for that game.

Ah, okay. Then it’s just me. Sorry to bother.