Epic laucher with error 0xc000007b

Hello, im trying to get the unreal launcher because i want to play UT and i want to buy a paragon founders pack but when i try to start the launcher it give me an error code 0xc000007b, i follow some threats that i found in the fórum and i install C++, redistributables and nothing fix it, so i do the last test with the DWalker and it give me this Log.txt

If not, unsure :frowning:

Have you done a search for it?

Hello, thanks for the answer, yes i try everything that i found in the forum, my GPU is a Nvidia GTX 960M

Yes i do Kris, my GPU is a nvidia GTX 960M

i also install the lastest .NET and i have directx12 and have MVC++ 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013 and 2015 installed, any idea what is happening? :frowning:

By forum, do you also mean results found on the answer hub?
I only mention it, as the forum and the answer hub are two different things.
So, if you haven’t already, try the Answer Hub too :slight_smile:

Oh yes Kris, i post in the answer hub too but nobody answer me yet :frowning:

Probably you need an older DirectX 9.0c version installed or old .NET versions too

Ok, i will try that option when i came back to my home, do you think that i most update my Java to the lastest version?

Well not sure if you’re trolling or just saying but no Java no xD

hahaha no im not jocking hahaha just ask to be sure xD! well thanks i will try to get an older version of DX and .NET and i will report.

i notice that many DLLs in my log.txt have a “?” that mean that the DLL is missing anyone know how can i get these DLLs?

You can try to search for that error in Google, you only got this problem with UE4 you tried to play games and works ?

Yes i can play anything, Tera, LoL, CS:GO but i cant start the Epic Launcher :frowning: