Epic Kitten - Rescued Kitten...

Seeing as though Epic loves cats … I thought I would share some pictures of a kitten we rescued on Wednesday Night. It has gone from hissing and spitting at us … so happily integrating with the humans … I guess providing rubs and food has allowed it to decide that us humans are not so bad.

If anyone in South Africa can give the kitten a good home … please PM me.

Great man! I hope someone will be kind enough to give that kitty a home. :slight_smile:

Feral, abandoned or lost?

My experience with feral kittens:
If its small, hissing, spitting and pulling away from you - you’ll probably be ok bagging it and it should adjust to humans given a bit of time.
If its not quite as small, not hissing, not spitting and relatively calm near you - you’re about to be mauled.

It was small … hissing … spitting … and we had to trap it to get it. 8-}

It has take a day to get used to us … and now currently fast asleep on my Fiance’s lap. Good advice however … considering some of the cats we get here. 8-D

aaaa! looks uber cute! I also have a cat. I miss kittens though, she’s 8 years old :slight_smile:

Poor thing! Keep us updated on whether he finds a home or not. Hope everything works out. =)

Captured several at work back in 2009.
Kept one.
Great cat - acts as a surrogate mother to my younger kids.

Baby hungry?
You get the claws.

Baby needs it bum changed?
You get the claws.

Baby wants a cuddle?
You get the claws.

Baby pulls it tail?
Baby gets nuzzled.

Baby uses it as a pillow?
Baby gets a pillow.

Baby drops food?
Cat cleans up after.

Even started producing milk when we brought the baby home.
I swear she can open doors by herself too.
Scary eh?

When I was running my rc (@ 40 mph), a dumb neighborhood cat ran out in front. My rc barely clipped the **** thing, and was sent into a hedge. The cat is fine, ran off without a problem. I do miss my old grump of a cat though, she was fun to mess with.

Now, Chihuahuas on the other hand, I utterly loathe. Ugly mutant sewer rats they are with apparently some sort of superiority complex. Still, my sister’s rabbit makes a habbit of driving those rats away.

You sure its a cat? Maybe an E.T in disguise. Man you are in big trouble…:stuck_out_tongue: