Epic kills the UDK forums, ok, what do we do ?

So we can say thanks to tim sweeney for having this little space for us, but what if they decide to kill them, perhaps we should have some secondary forums no?

Glad if someone creates them.

Thank you for the early morning heart attack…Dude please fix a litle the title before you give Epic some nasty ideas :eek:

Gladly forums still work and it looks like they fixed those random shuts there.Its just for reading/browsing/code/bug fix purpose.They went through all the trouble to move it/perserve and fix the random shuts so i dont think its in their interest to remove it as it will be really disrespectful to us.I higly doubt they will kill it.

If by any chance they need some more space they coud remove the archived unreal tournament 2003/04 forum as its of no use.Highly doubt anyone is making a game in unreal engine 2 lol.

What about Beyond Unreal? Has anyone been there lately? I just now checked it out and it looks really different from the last time I was there. I remember starting off there years ago with Wormbo and Angel Mapper helping me out. In case the official forums ever go away, maybe we could meet up over there.

good point, lol sorry for the poissible heart attacks. sad they failed cloning the old forums I kinda miss them.

The old forums can be found here as read-only: UDK Development - Epic Games Forums

I believe it’s all there, although I find it difficult to search for specific topics.

I’m a little afraid that this will one day disappear. Would be nice to download the entire forum somehow.

Quite frankly, I’m not even surprised what Epic’s been doing to UDK anymore. Considering UDK has been officially discontinued, it’s only a matter of time before the UDK forums and all it’s legacy goes to the recycling bin.

No they wont,guys stop worrying :rolleyes: ,they even archived the old ut2004 forums so that means something.There are tons of material to continue our projects and some awesome coders here in the basement forum that help all the time!
Winter is not coming :cool:

Thanks for being a bit positive O and N we need it haha.

This aged quite well, now the UDK forums have been taken down as of 2023

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