Epic is going crazy on accepting useful blueprint Pull Requests

Useful stuff accepted in last few days. Submitted to the dev-framework branch.
PR #5821: Make BPs with compiling errors locatable (Contributed by KristofMorva)
PR #5509: Sort function overrides by Name (Contributed by aknarts)
PR #5614: Fix alignment of impure compact node exec pins (Contributed by geordiemhall)
Add limited support for reordering and recategorizing Blueprint functions

All of those are fantastic.

Regarding blueprint graph events, these need to be manually sortable as well. I hope someone decides to do that. You can drag them, but nothing happens.

I think in each version’s development cycle they do a similar sweeping if they got the time ( and I’m really glad my #5821 got accepted! ), would be awesome (although improbable) if it’d be the norm once :smiley:

The only thing I care about in regards to anything BP related is the ability to re-order details panel categories. Why bother adding my variables and functions into categories if the designers have to scroll down 100 meters below all the other useless categories to find the relevant stuff…

That’s quite painful for us too, is there any PR or initial/suggestion/idea for an implementation yet?

Hey @DamirH, I just submitted PR #5934, which introduces Important Categories, so that the ones relevant for designers can be prioritized to the top of the Detail Panel. Not sure if it’s gonna be accepted tho, but I did what I could to resolve the issue :smiley:

Have a nice day!