Epic i really need you to check my blueprints because i dont know what to do anymore.

Sorry for this double post, but i donno what else i can do, i need someone from epic that know what can cause this bug…

I would highly recommend that you take any hints in error messages and run through the blueprint, disable one section of it at a time and try to isolate it down to a specific issue. Saying epic help me is not likely to work. They’re not magicians, they’re just really **** smart. Give the community something more specific to help you with and you’ll get a lot farther.

i’m isolating the problem for 24 hours now, i just thought that for the men who built it, they will be able to see right away the wrong thing just by the way it is assembled…

Epic can’t just sit and debug everyone’s blueprint files. As i said in your other thread, post screenshots of your blueprints and explain what they should be doing, then post the error as well please. There are community members that can help you if you can explain your problem properly. When you are convinced that it is a bug head to AnswerHub.

I’m closing this thread now.