Epic has the worst developer release process I have ever seen.

I have been dealing with this issue for about 20 days. As a developer, I plan to release my work on the Epic platform in the future, for which I registered for the Epic Developer Portal and related content. However, first, I filled in the ‘Merchant Information’ correctly (as far as I understand, because I am using a non-English interface), but it was not approved. The system only prompted to contact customer service, so I submitted a ticket. A customer service representative was assigned to resolve this matter, and his response to me was that he saw that it was being processed and asked me to wait patiently. Meanwhile, the status of the information I submitted became ‘Under Review’. After waiting for a long time, the result changed back to the initial ‘Not Approved’, asking me to contact customer service again, and the customer service representative in charge of this matter seemed to be on vacation. This is the first thing. The second thing is about the payment information. The Chinese translation and network service of the Epic Developer Portal and related other links are too poor. I often encounter Chinese content and proper nouns that can be understood but do not conform to usage habits. And I often encounter some web page components that cannot be loaded (such as some pictures). And when I followed the process to register for Hyperwallet, a problem occurred. I followed the instructions provided to me (it is very likely that due to network problems, I did not see other options), but I registered for the wrong account type. The bank account I provided is for the company, but the information on Hyperwallet is personal. I contacted Epic as instructed, but Epic asked me to contact Hyperwallet. I contacted Hyperwallet, and they asked me to contact Epic again. I contacted Epic again, and he still told me to contact Hyperwallet. This is what I have encountered in the past month.