Epic Grant question

To whom it may concern,

We are currently working on a project. We completed a rough draft for a game that we will hopefully do in unreal engine.
Now, the question is that we lack equipment and resources to actually start making a working demo in unreal, so we wondering if actually completing a working demo in a different game engine (just to provide you with a general concept of what the game is going to be like even though it will be in 2d but will eventually transform it to 3d as the work progresses) will affect epic games helping with a grant so we can get the equipment to make our project a reality?

I am hoping that we are in the right path.

Hi jousenrk452,

Thank you for your interest in the Epic MegaGrants program! It sounds like you have a prototype of your game, so please do apply.

You can find out more information about MegaGrants on our FAQ page.

But the thing is we just have a demo rough draft. I’m currently in progress getting a full rough draft going and we dont have a work prototype for game play just yet. We are still in the works on that. Should we still apply? Or just wait?