Epic Gamescom Mixer Wed Aug. 5th 5pm-7pm

Join Epic at Champs for drinks and hanging out on Wednesday, Aug. 5 from 5pm - 7pm at our pre-Gamescom mixer. Break out the business cards and meet some awesome UE4 developers! Sjoerd De Jong, , Preussner, Paul Oliver, Gamble, Ellen Liew and Kreiner will be attending.

For directions to Champs,

Awesome, looking forward!

Hi ,

we have a booth in the business area, in the case that we can’t join you at Champs, who can I contact to schedule a meeting?

If you shoot me a mail at I will get something sorted!

Sjoerd has your back :slight_smile: Have a great time!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Email sent!

Awesome, I’ll be there for sure! :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s great…will surely join and can’t wait to meet other dev’s :slight_smile:

I really wished I could join, but I don’t think I will fit in ^^
I’m more or less just a hobbyist with no real background as of now, so I think I will hold off till next year :slight_smile:

I wish attending lots of fun and enjoy your visit to Germany :smiley:

Nice, I’ll be there

Everyone fits in :slight_smile:

Almost all people at Epic started out as hobbyists. Got to start somewhere.

Please swing by if you can! All are welcome :slight_smile:

Wow, I don’t really know how to respond now, I’m a bit stunned. I didn’t expected that… :slight_smile:
I will try my best to swing by, but I can’t say for sure. What I can say for sure is: I love this community and the messages above show why. :smiley:

I still have to take care of the people I attend Gamescom with, since this year I still attend GC as a player in a group and not as a dev with a team (I hope this will become reality someday, but that depends mostly on how hard I’m willing to work to reach this goal).

Anyways, I hope to meet you there.

Thinking about joining that too. Sad enough that i didn’t get a Gamescom ticket in time this year.

Maybe i will say hi to some of you at the bar (:

Nice will be at gdc and gamescom. Looking forward to meetup

Mh would have been nice to swing by with our team, but sadly we have an appointment so I don’t think we can make it in time, but I hope you do something similar next year.

Niiice, will be there and hopefully others too ������ let’s have a nice and an EPIC hangout today, see you guys later this day ������

Awesome! I am on my way. See you there! :slight_smile:

Hey there,

did you come to the meetup? My name is Martin and I was pretty much the only bald guy, perhaps we talked :wink:

Me and my Dev partner are more hobby devs right now and almost did not go to GDC Europe/Gamescom because we felt, like you, that we probably wont fit in and we are too early to show what we made so far. But the guys from Epic were super nice and even invited us to dinner on Tuesday.

You can see a piece of me behind my dev partner on the right.

Even at the meetup not one person said anything negative to us because we are not “real” devs yet. Really a great community and made a ton of contacts. Next time dont hesitate! And again a big thanks to all the girls and guys from Epic!

Hey Dr4ch,
I didn’t make it, I was still at Gamescom (more or less stuck) when I had to go.
Now thinking back makes it even worse, as attending Gamescom this year felt more like a waste of time…
I really shouldn’t have missed out on this great opportunity, but now it’s too late. I’m really sorry for not coming.