Epic Games, you are awesome!

I would like to start by pointing out, that my english isn’t the best, but I’m hoping that it is good enough to make my message clear. I was always a big fan of the Unreal Engine, even tough I’ve never played an “Epic Game” like Unreal Tournament, I think my first game was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (:D). In 2011 (I think) me and friends of mine started creating a zombie game it was really ******, but it was my first “real touch” with UDK, however I was like 12 years old and I didn’t really get the whole engine thing. In 2014 I started to work with the first release of the UE4, but at this time I wasn’t in possession of a credit card or PayPal and my father didn’t allow me to pay monthly for the engine (I bought one update in the beginning).

One day the UE4 got “free for everyone”, a friend of mine told me in school, and I was amazed that I got my 20€s back (Epic Games turned the 20€ into 30€ marketplace credits, lolz :D). However, I really started working with it in 2017 and for that moment on I was convinced. I tried all of the other Engines, starting from more or less “no-name” Engines to unity, but none of them fulfilled my expectations. So I switched to UE4 and it really had EVERYTHING you need to create an indie-game, especially for people like me, who just want to create a game together with a friend as students; the awesome Marketplace gives you the ability to buy awesome looking assets for little money, the community, the answerhub, the documentation and YouTube gave me all the required experience for a quick start.

All in all: Epic Games you are really EPIC, because you bring the possibilities of game development to a whole new level, especially for people like me: Indies. I mean, the usage of your engine doesnt even cost a cent for all the awesome stuff you provide, your free demos in the marketplace and your assets from the learning tab.

So please, Epic Games, never stop changing your awesome concept.

:slight_smile: Regards, Simon.

Indeed. Despite the rocky road in some areas, it is important to reflect and realize that a few years ago this wasn’t exactly possible. Don’t want to ever take for granted that we have these amazing tools at our disposal. =)

I personally agree with you :slight_smile: