Epic Games Web API (Get Players Total XP)

I want to build a Web App for Epic Gam es Players.
The Idea is to give them functionality to Login with their Epic Games Account (using OAUTH) and than grab the total XP of their gaming profile and based on that data give some claims to them.

The question is, can I Get the XP score with the Epic Games WEB API ?
(Im not building a game, Im building a Web APP)

Hi @Gamer31Dev. At this time, achievement info is not accessible through our web API. All of our available APIs for achievements are documented here: Achievements Interface | Epic Online Services Developer

Hi @smith.sd sorry to bump this, but could you provide internal feedback to the team at Epic that it would be nice making achievements visible, for both systems, Epic Games Store achievements (XP) and the original, Shift+F2 interface, Epic Online Services achievements (developer ones) accessible through some public API for querying purposes. I know some apps on GitHub are able to access and query the more modern XP ones, but not the others and it would be nice to be able to backup info for one’s personal account (I was trying to create a script that backups my achievement progress into a CSV).

Could you mention that to the dev team, somehow, please? Hopefully, it would be sensible and not take too much work. Thanks.

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