Epic Games store?

I’m sorry that i’m putting this in the UE4 forum, as there is no epic store one, but I am making an indie game, and I was wondering, how hard is it to release an indie game onto the epic games store? Like what quality assurance do they have, because it is probably better than Steam’s. Also, does anyone know how many games are on the epic store? I have looked online with no answers anywhere. Thanks.

Try on here:


I dont think your giving the right URL. Thats where you sell assets, Not full pre-built games that, well, are meant to go on steam n stuff.

No that’s the forum for discussing the marketplace… :slight_smile:

Obviously, and hes talking about the epic games store, not the marketplace. You dont sell games on the marketplace.

Oh gawwwd, sorry, my bad… :-/

Its a simple misunderstanding.

try this