Epic Games Store (PS4 games ported to PC)

When some AAA modern hardcore indie games are ported from PS4 to PC(Epic Games Store/Epic Games Launcher or Steam) are all assets imported to Unreal Editor 4 or just their own level editor based on another different game engines?

Hi Gamerz31w.

When a video game is ported from one platform to another, say from PS4 -> PC, or PC -> PS4, or XBox -> PC - the game is definitely NOT remade in a different Game Engine. Most Game Engines - I would think all modern Game Engines support multiple Platforms.

For example Unreal Engine supports deployment to PC, PS4, Xbox, Linux, MacOS, Android - all within the same game engine.

So lets take another example - the game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima - was originally developed for PS4 using the Decima Game Engine. It will soon be coming to the Epic Store and to Steam. In order to change the platform, the developers, definitely DO NOT remake the game in Unreal Engine 4 - as this would require essentially remaking the entire game, almost from scratch.

Death Stranding on Epic Store, and Steam, will still be using the Decima Game Engine.

To summarise: The Game Engine does not change from platform to platform - and Epic Store and Steam are capable of supporting games made with many different Game Engines.

Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

Well I guess all video games were made on PC including old(classic)and new(modern)indie games(popular and obsolete) so I guess it doesn’t matter,right? Since from 1st console generation into 9th console generation.

Right - that’s true. You can’t make a Video Game on a Playstation or an Xbox - all video games are made on Personal Computers ( Windows, Apple, Linux ) That allow the user to input Code using a Keyboard. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Silly me.

They still do have to do quite a bit of work to take something that was made for console and put it on PC. If the engine doesn’t support PC by default then they often do a quick port where things technically work but they aren’t taking advantage of native PC features.

Oh okay. I get it now.