Epic Games store Game Release Questions

I do not know of another place to post this or the best way to contact the epic games store about this so I thought I would post it here. (note: I did contact the epic games store support and am waiting for a reply but thought users here might know some of the answers or who to contact for answers)

The game we have been making is getting close to release and I am planning on putting it on the Epic Games store but I had some questions that maybe somebody knows the answers to.

  1. Do I need a EULA agreement if I am putting the game on the epic store? I guess I thought that epic games has a EULA but I am not sure.

  2. In the submission form they ask for a video. Is this for a trailer of the game, gameplay or a video talking about the game? Just want to be sure which video to include.

  3. In the FAQ’s they talk about direct access to my audience with forms of interaction. My game is a math adventure game and is designed for kids ages 6 to 13 so I do not want kids sending any information to me. Inside my game there is no way for kids to leave the game so I am not worried about that and I do recognize parents would be the ones buying the game for them. I guess I just want to make sure that when a child is playing my game the epic games store or launcher does not give kids the ability to interact with others on the web.

  4. In the submission form there is a planned ship date. Does this mean early access or the full launch of the game? I see other games on there doing pre purchase for a discount and only parts of the game are available. Just wondering so I know my options.

  5. A free game is offered every 2 weeks. Is this mandatory for everyone submitting games to the store? I think eventually I would not mind having it free so kids can get a hold of the games if their parents are strapped for cash but right now I don’t know when that would be. Do we get to choose when it goes free? More information on that would be great.

If anybody knows who to contact or links to more information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If anybody else has similar questions this link is the response I got and has a contact form.