Epic Games Rigging Toolset Doesn't Work in Maya


I’ve been trying for days now to get the Epic Games Rigging Toolset to actually work with Maya, but literally every time I try and press ‘Character Rig Creator’ the same message is displayed; ‘# Warning: The -bs/-borderStyle flag is obsolete and should not be used.’

I have no idea what this means and all the tutorials I’ve seen don’t explain why this is an issue, but I have followed the steps on them perfectly to install this.

Any help would be great.


Hi Komsur,

What Operating system are you running on your machine and what version of Maya are you in?

From Animation and Rigging Tools: FAQ, Known Issues and Feature Roadmap:

Maya 2012 -2014 have been officially tested on Windows operating systems. Support for Mac OS is coming. Maya 2015 should work as well, but has not been officially tested.


Hi, thanks for getting back.

I’m using Maya 2016 on Windows 7.

The Animation and Rigging Tool is not currently/officially compatible with Maya 2016. However, I found the error you have posted on Autodesk’s website here:

Common error messages

and it does not appear a major issue. You may want to post this on Jeremy Ernst’s forum thread as it may be something he could easily fix:

Animation and Rigging Tools: FAQ, Known Issues and Feature Roadmap

Meanwhile, I can verify that the A.R.T. does install on Maya 2015 -if you have this version available.

Wow I wish I’d known this before I’d spent 24hrs trying to retarget the animations for a model, kind of misleading when Maya has a send to Unreal option in the file menu.

“Send to Unreal” is a feature that Maya implemented and is not related to the Animation and Rigging Tool, which was developed by Epic developer, Jeremy Ernst, to add functionality to Maya and convenience for rigging custom animations/characters. If you are interested in using this tool, please read link above as this is not an officially supported feature in Maya.

I foolishly thought Maya had integrated support for UE4 animation and rigging, and followed a workflow I’d previously used in Blender. I now have the plugin installed in Maya 2016, I’ve watched the tutorials and shouldn’t have any problems rigging the models with this. Thank you.