Epic Games Poland left Epic Games

Just read this:

Wikipedia says they have 60 employees so quite a lot of Epics total count worked there. Does this mean Mieszko is no longer working for Epic? :frowning:

They are still working with Epic. So I really don’t know what to make of this really.
They were a non-Epic company before. So this isn’t like Epic is falling apart or something. I do think we shall be okay.
Also, I hope they create some great games! They have before! :slight_smile:

You misunderstand.

There was a Polish studio called “People Can Fly.” Epic Games purchased stock in the company equal enough to give them control and renamed them “Epic Games Poland.” They then divested themselves of some of that stock selling it back to the company so that the company has creative control again. The studio was never a part of Epic Games themselves merely owned in part by.

That’s what I thought it was. I really hate the stock market. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Most of programmers from Epic Games Poland who worked on Engine, will work for Epic in Carry.

oh well lets hope they at least keep the UE4 vehicle code updated either that or Epic needs to find someone else to do it

It’d make more sense for them to be in the UK, since they don’t require visas and relocation is easier :wink:

That was my first thought. I hope he still there because I am fan of his navigation work and he is probably my most followed epic dev :slight_smile: