Epic Games, please fix the Epic Launcher!

I am running the Epic Launcher on my MacBookPro with MacOS 10.14.6 and half of the time this launcher just gets frozen or very unresponsive. It is eating a lot of unnecessary resources, the CPU usage is ramping to the max and I need to use the Activity Monitor app to close the launcher. Also when scrolling the content with the mouse wheel, the scrolling it is very choppy, it is not smooth as it is should.

Please make a better launcher, who is less resources hungry and more responsive. Thank you.

I’ve been having the same issue ever since I started using UE4 over 3 years ago.

Sure, with a clean install of the launcher and minimal projects/engine installations + a small number of marketplace purchases in the vault, it runs fine. But unfortunately that’s really not a realistic use of the engine for most people. A large portion of users I’ve talked with usually have a dozen or so projects linked to the launcher, anywhere between 20-100 items in their vault category, and at least 4-5 engine versions installed.

Everyone I’ve talked to who’s been purchasing marketplace items and creating new projects as average users have all had this issue with really slow, laggy launcher performance. It doesn’t matter if I’m running it on a 4 year old ASUS ROG laptop, or my dedicated workstation at the office, it just doesn’t seem to be managing resources very well in it’s current state. I think the main reason more users don’t complain about this problem is simply that they’ve gotten used to it, or don’t mind since they’re getting free access to such a great engine – however, that still doesn’t negate the detriment to users’ work efficiency.

I know to most Epic devs this problem seems like a benign annoyance, but have you ever stopped to think how much time is wasted just trying to navigate through a laggy, unresponsive project launcher just to open a project for editing, installing a new plugin, or managing engine installs? It’s nothing but dead time that kills productivity.

I am having a similar issue, on a Mac Pro 2019, 32gbRam, Radeon Pro Vega 20. The launcher freezes on the preparing page. I’ve never had this problem and have been able to install and work the launcher on laptops with way less power.

Its the first time i’m opening the launcher after download on this computer, so there should be no projects or games interfering.

I’ve tried just about everything on all the forums and nothing works.

I am extremely frustrated as I have lots of work to do but launcher wont work.

I emailed support got one reply and nothing since, its been almost a day.

You can unlink projects from the launcher, I always do that to keep the launcher clean, while storing the other projects in a special folder.

Pssstt… hey, Psssssstt! Sharing a secret…

As we all know, opening a project directly, automatically opens the epic launcher aswell,
this terrible mess that hogs about 50% of my quadcore i7 while doing absolutely nothing.

There is secret tribal knowledge how to turn this off.
Probably not endorsed by Epic, but this awful mac version of the launcher calls for self defense.

Create a textfile named PerforceBuild.txt and put it in <yourengineinstallfolder>/Engine/Build/
Can be empty or not.

Now you can open project files or the UE4editor (in folder <yourengineinstallfolder>/Engine/Binaries/Mac/UE4Editor)
without Epic Launcher starting and crippling your mac to a 486x.

I know this sounds weird, because it is, but it works.
In a rare case the editor might not want to package, because apple’s security won’t allow it.
If this occurs, start the launcher, it might be handling some permissions. At least now there is some control over this issue.

I hope epic will not remove this useful feature? back door? whatever to call this.

Putting my stuff into folders would be nice. A ton of stuff on a single page is starting to get fat. Would like animations in one folder and environments in another please

Thanks for sharing this info, seems that the latest actualization of the launcher it is running smoother and without to crash or to eat resources.