Epic Games Mods for Robo Recall!

Want to mod Robo Recall with some of your favorite Epic Games content? Now you can with these official mod packs!

New Character Model: Paragon’s Kallari & Twinblast Pack

New Level: Unreal Tournament’s DM-Chill Map

New Weapons: Melee Weapons from Fortnite

These ship uncooked with the latest robo recall mod kit so modders can learn how to mod

Thanks a lot for releasing the source for these with the mod kit, it’s always cool to pick apart assets from your games :smiley:

Wow, really cool of you guys to include the uncooked mods. Much appreciated!

Make something great and share it with us! :cool:

I am really looking forward to all of the future updates of RoboRecall, it is clearly evident EpicGames is really pushing mod support and I love it :cool:

I’ve got to say, it’s such a breathe of fresh air what you guys are doing. Robo Recall is what many of us in the VR community have been waiting for and boy does it deliver. A lot of fun, runs great, and looks amazing too. To top it all off you guys have such an open community for mods! Really looking forward to seeing what this community builds.

Also, I hope to see more VR titles from you guys in the future!

New Weapons: Melee Weapons from Fortnite

this not work

Agree with Kashaar and want to say thank guys! I can imagine how difficult it was to give this bae away into www for free :))

it would be cool if in Robo Recall Game you can have more Destruction and explosion effects!
I mean differend Objects that explodes when hit more breakable objects behind the gameplay scene
examples<.you shoot or a Robot shoots on a cars window or House Windows and this Breaks in peaces with sound!
a parking car explodes or the doors opens if you hit the car
Trees breaking in pieces when you shoot you know like in crysis 1 Game
Street Lamps breaks and falling down when hit
Barells Explodes and makes damage in the souronding area…and more!

The Fortnite weapon download link is down.

@unit23 I think the Fortnite weapons pack is included in the mod kit, if you have the kit you should just be able to export them from there. ^^

Also, [USER=“14973”]Chance Ivey[/USER] , just want to give a big thanks to you guys again for giving us uncooked versions of many of the game’s props with blueprints intact, has been a blast this past month digging in and seeing what all Blueprint can do! Now I just have to get throw collisions working for all my weapon mods!

can someone help me find the downloads for the mod kit. I cant find it ANYWHERE

Hey Wulfman, I’m not 100% sure how to get it downloaded now that the new Epic Games Launcher is out and they’ve hidden the modding tab, but I’ll look into it and let you know when I find it.


It looks like these are accessible from the bottom of the Store tab.


I found the dev kit section in the store page. It says I own the dev kit for Robo Recall but that’s all it says. There is no install button? Any ideas why? Does it have something to do with installed engine versions?

@Armoya I don’t think so, the dev kit is it’s own special version of Unreal Engine, so it uses a much older version of the engine that it installs with the mod kit. Have you gone to your library and installed it from there? there should be a button for it with the new UI layout.