Epic Games Marketplace broken

Good Day everyone. I have an issue with my Epic Games Launcher as well as the UE Marketplace.
Epic Games Launcher:
As well I like to use it, it just bugs all the time, can’t open games, it crashes on me, and lately, It just doesn’t want to open. Just not the experience I once had. The UE Tab is even buggier than ever after installing three branches of the UE. 4.26, 4.27, and 5.
The Launcher refused to open after cache clearing and multiple restarts and re-installs which is just frustrating.

UE Marketplace:
It simply just doesn’t work. This may be the saddest part of them all. All the Plugins you could get and all these cool textures while a lot of them are free and cool, just are not available to me.
To draw the picture, my UE Marketplace looks like yours but I can’t navigate. Nothing. Simply pressing on the pack or plugin or whatever does nothing for me and I always see the default, Main Page.

What do… I really would like to install the marketplace plugins I got for free and actually would prefer “not” to troubleshoot before I can finally be creative. Cause until now, the Epic Games Launcher and UE have been a real pain and have left a bad aftertaste.


Hi Saloron,
I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. At its core, this sounds like a launcher issue that is also impacting Marketplace. It sounds like you’ve already taken several steps in troubleshooting. We’ve had a few other sporadic reports of this, and could use your help providing the launcher team with more information.

Please go to our help site and create a support case so we can work with you directly? It would be helpful if you can provide launcher logs with your ticket.


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Good Day Josh
Thanks for your reply and your time. I will create a ticket to have it fixed cause atm it’s just bugging me.