Epic Games Launcher

I noticed that since having been forced to use epic games launcher instead of games with steam, to be honest the epic game launcher is very poor at the moment. The games are very laggy and glitchy when used with the epic game launcher, but when I have the same game on steam everything is peachy king. Sometimes randomly with the epic games launcher it will crash and close or my game will just freeze. I honestly feel like I don’t personally care what launcher I have to use as long as it works. Also I noticed when using Epic Launcher it installs the game differently from steam and its a pain to edit .cfg files for example. In-certain games to make them less glitchy and less crashy I have been having to edit the .cfg files to my games. When I say this I mean for example; manually turning on v-sync or frame-rate control etc… Mostly what I have been having issues with is the metro games at the moment. I also know other people who have very similar PC hardware and O.S are having the same issues. I don’t mind paying 60$ for a game from epic, but not when I have to deal with this B.S with the Epic Games Launcher. Honestly please just fix the issues with the Epic Launcher.

My Hardware, Yes I understand its not Ryzen or the latest hardware but I don’t need it everything runs on very high just fine
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX
CPU: AMD FX 8350 4.0ghz, overclocked 4.2ghz
Memory: G-Skill 16gb DDr3 1866mhz
Graphics Card: AMD RX590 XFX FatBoy
OS: Windows 10, 1607, 64bit

Should Epic fix their Launcher? below their is a poll for yes and no.