Epic Games Launcher won't start

I have a proglem. I just install Epic Games Launcher. But when I click on Epic Games Launcher icon, nothing happen.

Here is log:

Here is DxDiag:

I’m not expert in logs, but what works for me is either restarting my PC, then launching, or uninstalling the software and reinstalling (this is last resort).

Hope you get it sort it.

I already tried this, but no success.

I also had a bug recently for me it helped first making sure visual was fully installed and then uninstalling the epic games launcher and reinstalling it, I hope you get this solved!

From what it looks like, the Epic Games Launcher couldn’t find the necessary Slate assets needed for it to display. Slate is the UI Library developed by Epic for use in the Launcher, the Editor, and In-Game UI. If these can’t be found, then your installation is likely corrupt. Try completely uninstalling, redownload the installer file, and try again.

Hi petrs143,

I’m sorry that you are having an issue with the Epic Games Launcher. In order for us to offer the best support, we have recently modified the process for how Epic Games can help troubleshoot your Launcher issue. Please visit http://help.epicgames.com/ for technical support, here you can find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance. Thanks!