Epic Games launcher won't open on MacOS Catalina on PC hackintosh

A few weeks ago I am trying to make the Epic Games launcher run on a computer other than an iMac, I want to open it on a normal PC running Mac OS Catalina with all installed drivers of 12gb of ram, GPU AMD Radeom 2gb and SSD 1TB 6gb / s. My PC already meets the requirements to run Epic Games but when I click to open the launcher, its icon just skips on the Doc and doesn’t open. I saw an article on the web that you can only run Epic Games on a normal iMac but never on a PC running Mac OS. But why? It is not fair, what I am trying to do in my ue4 project only works on a Mac OS and in the country where I live an iMac costs sometimes more expensive than a car so I had to make a hackintosh.

Hi, could you check to see if any logs were created. Though not officially support, it might be possible to help.

You’d find them here, if you could attach a zip of every one of them that would help.

~/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/EpicGamesLauncher/

none logsNo log, as I said the icon just bounces on the DOG and nothing happens :frowning:
The folder is empty :frowning:

What I’m trying to do is to package my project for TVOS, but on windows I’m obliged to package remotely for an iMac, certainly I would need 2 computers with good configuration, but I only have 1, the only way I saw is to install mac os on my pc and install the unreal engine and finally package my project, but I can’t go through steps :(, if it is possible to install eu4 without Epic Games it will be useful too.

If you try run the executable inside the bundle from Terminal, do you get any extra info there?


/Applications/Epic\ Games\ Launcher.app/Contents/MacOS/EpicGamesLauncher-Mac-Shipping

hm, I didn’t try this, I’ll try to do this when I get home.

Could you just zip the logfile and attach (you can attach here). That’s too hard to read with no line breaks.

Ok, just a minute

the log is here: https://incrassategreymouselemur.htmlpasta.com

Sorry for the big, toxic code but this was the only way to host this quickly.

link text

??? ?

Thanks. I can see from the file you uploaded that the problem is with opengl shaders failing to compile. According to the code mentioned, this can happen for one of two reasons:

  1. Drivers on your machine are not supporting the shader properly as standard mac hardware would.
    You could try to find different or newer drivers perhaps?

  2. The copy of the app bundle you have is missing files for some reason.
    Try downloading the installer again, or check that you can see the following:
    /Applications/Epic Games Launcher.app/Contents/UE4/Engine/Shaders/StandaloneRenderer/OpenGL/

If you did happen to find files under the location here, it may show more information:
/Users/YOURNAME/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/EpicGamesLauncher/

I think it’s because I’m using web drivers for NVIDIA GPU, I’m going to have to buy an AMD video card again, because I had sold mine :(, for AMD Apple provides support. I’ll test it when I have it, if it works or not, I will contact you again.

Does it work with the AMD video card?