Epic Games Launcher won't download UE

Hi, I have been trying to donwload UE 4.8 and it gets stuck at ‘Please wait…’. I’ve tryied the following:

  • Launch it as an administrator( In fact, I always did this ).
  • Open port 5222.
  • Windows 10 Firewall is disabled.
  • Reinstalled Epic Launcher around 3 times.
  • Launch it with “-http=wininet” and/or “-OpenGL”.
  • Tried to download previous UE versions.

Also, i’m having this problem since almost a week ago, so I decided to ask for help here.

Thanks for any possible help.

EDIT: Forgot to say, I also tried to disable antivirus and windows defender.

Logs of the latest two attempts I made I can make more reproductions if you wish.

I made use of this workaround from the staff, it works for some reason: