Epic Games Launcher with 3D elements

If the developers will rework Epic games launcher, maybe it be better to immediately create an interactive version for players in the main. Something like this (on the example of the MWO launcher)

After registration this launcher load all games. Games there looks like small video frames showing gameplay process and videos from scenes of this selected game. Video Frames moving around the horizontal circle position, relative to the direction of the mouse cursor. This window has the main information about account name, MC like from MWO currency (only one for all games), show some descriptions and some current information about this selected game. If press Select a game button, this window unloads from memory and run (or install-client) special game window there shown everything together with the store and all services and of course Play button. The main launcher window has standard size and look, but current selected game windows has its specific look related this game. Size and design is always different in each game.

Something like shown on this picture, the current launcher window is a heavy program that contains everything and is very narrow. If the game video frames move around in a circle there can be a large number of games and they do not interfere with each other. Also remembering the last game selection and loading with the display of this game. If game got new version this written under video frame, but only for the two nearest video frames on the left and right of the game in center, but game title shown only for left, center and right video frames. The Games tab will be selected by default after installing launcher.

Why? Current launcher is fine, it just runs a little slow.

Because the current launcher feels like something heavy, where everything is mixed. 90% of users in my undertanding now looking for games (99,98% as option if this platform will be popular), not programs and especially not UE engine. The current launcher shell is something that I do not want to load and view, becouse it is “very all-in-one” windows. Not sure about 3D for all PC by default (if not suppert why they run this launcher?), but really

  1. Player run epicgameslauncher.exe - an light program that contains almost nothing but light videos for small frames taken from the cache or repository on the local PC
  2. Has all the necessary buttons before players will select a game
  3. Has easy mouse control but most importantly - an easy and quick understanding of what games are, how they look, whether there are updates. This launcher like a small game in the game, or better to say, an advanced window in the window
  4. Each game after the selection has its own individual launcher which nothing limits. The structure and complexity of the game being launched reflects the full information about game.
  5. Quick monitoring of “Premium time days” has this account for each game.
  6. Any filter in such launcher just looks like fewer displayed game frames, but not as a windows explorer
  7. If imagine that there are 80-100 games, is it easy to view them in the current launcher? Or do one circle with a mouse? And in addition to this, see what kind of game it is in general
  8. With circle rotation the player has a general picture of all the games at once, there are no “lost places” for attention
  9. The current launcher will runs slower and slower with updates\additionals, right or not?

Made this topic because the current launcher is not convenient for me and maybe developers make something else instead of this view. In my inderstanding devs do not use such launchers like current epic games laucher due objective reasons, but players use it and this is not very comfortable search games using the current launcher.

Why would there be 100 games? The launcher is only for their own games, and your players would never use it.

Also, you can disable the game tabs in settings if you don’t need them - or just not use the launcher at all for working on your projects.

20 games, It’s enough so that they are cramped in one window? Where they turn there horizontally or vertically (like Bethesda launcher)?

Do I understand correctly that you are saying that developers from whole world use this launcher and this launcher in its current form is a service showing someone new games from Epic games? In my understanding, modmakers use this launcher a couple of times to download UE4, but no more, the main audience is the players who do not even need to see these windows with the engine and programs. But the developers from whole world do not even have to look in such launchers, right?

I mean someone is loading epicgameslauncher and expects to see games there, but instead he sees everything there, tabs with games of different size and color, download windows like wallpaper with huge buttons and a minimum of settings. I mean, this is the least like a service, more like a Super DVD - Top 5 modern games + Windows XP lite + MS office ultimate collection pack. Maybe Games - UE - Asset store as option, but it does not change anything. Why would someone who heard about the Epic games search UE or assets or programs related to the development? This point is incomprehensible for me. I write this also because my first impression of Epic games launcher - why it looks so.

I like UT3 old site, but it does not work good and wrong in general becouse browser and flash and only one game, somebody should have known about UT3 to go to this heavy site page, instead of knowing about “Epic games service” as “smaller special version of steam-like service”. It’s easy to say now, but not then, but the general feature-look about such interactive things is good especially when it saves space and makes a “standardized common presentation of games (video frames)” for anyone who run this launcher. It’s easier to remember this window with interactive 3D elements than something all-in-one usual window. I do not know what else to write about.

Launcher is fine as it is and doesn’t need to bloated with garbage.

As developer I use launcher a lot - all my projects are there in one neat place, whereever I place them on disk, all engine versions are there, marketplace and learning resources are there. Games? Why they are even there again?

I agree, that’s why I created this topic. That there was no garbage, but it was like a service if you consider that the main meaning of the launcher is games. Also do not need large pages of sites with a game template, only one site is needed, where the launcher window is shown and a link to it, is not it? I mean, now the current window is a very-standard Win window, without something special honed under the specialization of this launcher - games. All games are very different - at least take online games, there can be anything - monthly payment, frozen time, premium time, all that’s possible - this all requires a special-custom window of the second launcher (+fast monitoring of this), like MWO as example - contain everything, becouse this game is very complex. Any game that is much more complex in theory than this one can have any special window of its launcher, but where such a complex window can fit in the current all-in-one launcher? I’m against browser windows in games (except for forums of course) and therefore I write this text.

In my understanding, developers use only UE source code and nothing more and asset store is added for modmakers to buy once something or for novice developers to have a template or for not a game development. It is just a business model has nothing to game development, right? And these things are of a third-rate importance, compared to games. I did this topic, because the meaning of the games here 99,98% in my understanding. I mean, the number of UE4 downloads is 2 million+, but the non-Epic games made are consistently small, zero, as far as I know, but I can be wrong. Game development is very hard, so that someone can learn something, download engine and make a game. Projects is a work around engine, but it is not a games, right?

I mean, users who came into this topic, think that this is a stupid window full of garbage, and of course there is no simplification and a hint of service here did not notice? And you did not tell your opinion about this window on first post as a service. If so, I at least tried to describe in full.

Your assumptions aren’t correct.

No. The only games you can get here are Epic games which simply don’t need any additional options. All you need here is Install/Play button and News links. Especially for staggering amount of 2 games in active development :wink:
And there’s a tab to download custom game editors - it’s for modders only.

Developers use launcher quite often to download and update plugins, content packages, learning samples. It’s the only way to install engine, change version or installation option.

I use UE4 and play Fortnite. I don’t see any need for changes you described. It’s not a :wink:

Do not want to stretch this topic. Bu it’s better to write everything before the topic goes down.

I know about this. I’m talking here about expanding launcher in the sense - there are many big teams (hired, bought) connected to the Epic Games that make new games using UE4\UE. And editors for moders are like a “Program type”. But the main sense of writing, so that the launcher looks like a service, in the current form it looks like a library. In my understanding, the heavy and always different browser pages is a strange heavy layer between the games inside the service and the player who is looking for these games and who will open / re-open, push something, overload flipping “epic wallpapers”, transitions to different sites between clicks. Steam launcher is about a huge number of games and can not look like this window on the first page of this topic, but it’s understandable. I wrote about the base look of launcher exactly under what makes Epic games. I did not monitor the games from Epic games becouse browser windows, now I looked at them. After turning on the scripts on the pages, something began to be displayed normally. But in general it is something weakly usable and very braking especially video frames (maybe from my side - Mobility Radeon HD 5850, I dont know). And it does not depend on Epic games, its all becouse browser - a random or very different\customized program from players side.

In my understanding someone heard about Epic games and he understand what it is about new games on PC that he will not find in the Steam. He enters this words in the search panel, and went to the single page, which shows the launcher and basic information about all games and has a one big button to click it - download&install launcher on PC, the next thing - he run this launcher and sees “literally instantly” all games in one line, and all whole information in one line and nothing else is needed, except waiting until the launcher downloads the client of each game he needed. Small game with “replenishment MC” and selecting games in game. The player ties to all the games at once, not to one game, that he choose somewhere in the browser window or in big heavy Epic games launcher. My main association with the picture in the first post is the** “**standard” CD boxes where people saw all the necessary information at once in shop viewing 10-15 discs boxes what do they want to play. The “standard” thing is often the iron rule for many aspects. The current browser games presentation is more “farfetched” and “wildly complicated” then Steam or this picture in first post, in my understanding of course.

But it’s not. Epic will not add 3rd party games to the launcher except for modding purposes. Even if this happens it’s like 5 years ahead until it got cramped (ue 5 release will, probably, be before that).

Yeah. Launcher is - browser. Literally. Chromium. (that’s ~80mb of disc space)
With a little bit sugar like file management.
So it doesn’t matter how many games are there, 2, 10, or 100.

Main purpose of launcher originally was UnrealEngine marketplace.
Epic uses own launcher just to avoid third party fees (that’s what EA, Blizzard and Ubisoft do).
People not play Epic Games’s Games. People play game titles - Paragon, Fortnite…
No one would pay for development of 3-5 launchers instead of one.
And most people prefer no launcher at all.

If you still want to make a difference - Epic is hiring.

nice idea but run it under Linux? when it will then it is better as EpicGames Launcher !!!
So Epic Games make the Launcher work on Linux !! the engine download would be nice with Flatpak every Linux Distribution has Flatpak in there Repository or in there updater like Manjaro / Arch(Octopi, Pamac, Pacman), …