Epic games launcher - what exacty needed to connect?


We are having a problem with launching the Epic games Launcher and therefore not able to download a UE4 editor,

We’ve asked our systems to sort it out, but they have a problem with it too, they need more info to be able to grant us a firewall exception, here what they asked:

You are indeed behind a proxy server, I’d be happy to add an exception (as they suggest) however they don’t detail what the exception should be for (IP/URL/Ports).

Without that I can’t create a policy to allow the traffic.

I’ve done a little research but found nothing conclusive from epicgames, the closest I’ve got is “FYI, adding epicgames.com to our proxy exception list worked fine for us.” from Is it Possible to login to Unreal Engine behind a proxy that requires HTTP login? - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums**

If you could find what exactly the unreal engine needs (internet access wise), I’ll look to get that added. Obviously this needs to be a narrow window (I can’t just give full internet access).

Any help is highly appreciated!
Thank you


Maybe you could let us know which Port should be open in the firewall to be used by EpicGamesLauncher and GitDependencies.exe?

thank you very much


Please bear with me as I’m working with our devs on this issue.

The IT guy is right about epicgames.com exception. There should be no inbound firewall ports to be opens but outbound ports 80 and 443 will need to be opened (for TCP) to *.epicgames.com.

That may not may be the complete comprehensive list at the moment but let me know if that helps you at all.

-Max B.


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I am having this issue as well. Started a few days ago and I still can’t login to the Launcher. Your proxy Method did not work for me because I don’t know anything about that stuff.

How long will this be going on for because I have a deadline to Meet for my High Quality games I build for me and my friends.


Chaz Gaming Inc.

Hi Chaz,

Try the troubleshooting steps here.

If nothing works, post this as a new report in the Installation and Setup section and include your Debug Logs.