epic games launcher update loop (infinite)

ok ive been a fortnite player for a while now, and epic games suddenly had an update. i cant access epic games now. when trying to download the update it finishes then loops and does the update again, in a never ending cycle

idk if you’ve fixed the issue yet, but the same thing happened to me when I was installing fortnite.

It was just a little window that said “updating - 0/0 B” right?

What I did was just Force Quit the program. I reopened it and waited for a couple seconds (without clicking or touching anything) and it worked.

Like I said, I see that you posted this question 11 hours ago so I’m not sure if I answered too late to be of any use. Hope this helps anyhow.

I was caught in an infinite updating loop, too. Even though it doesn’t describe exactly the same issue, I followed the directions outlined here and it solved the problem perfectly: