Epic Games Launcher & UE 4.22 silent copy to multiple computers

Hi, my name is Guillaume and I work for a public school. Lately, I was able to install the UE 4.21.2 on a base computer. Then I would use the resulting installations files to copy the UE to other computers. That way, our teacher was able to start teaching without having to wait for any download and they didn’t need to have administrator permission on the Windows installation. Now, I’m in the process of updating everything for the next semester and I just found out that the new Epic Games Launcher doesn’t allow anymore these types of manipulations / copy. For example, there’s no .manifest files anymore in the folder C:\ProgramData\EpicEpicGamesLauncher\Data\Manifests. Now it’s <>.item file, whatever that is. After doing some searches on Google, I found this link “Silent Deployment of Unreal Engine 4 – Rich Harper – Creative Technologist” which describe a way to copy a UE to multiple computers. But following this procedure then the Games Launcher can’t be use anymore to launch the unreal engine. I just can’t believe that it’s possible anymore to deploy the unreal engine silently on multiple computers. Or at least a way that a student, without any administrator rights, can install a new unreal engine. So, what am I missing here?

Note: I will be installing on a Windows 10 x64 with SCCM.

Thanks in advance for the help!