Epic Games Launcher Stuck on Installing Prerequisites

I’m having an issue with installation, so I’ve tried to provide as many details as possible. When I tried to open my Epic Games Launcher, is prompted me to run updates, so I did. The updates seemed to download smoothly (went quickly) but as soon as the finished installing, and the screen changed to “Installing Prerequisites” It seemed to never begin the instillation. It just sits there, with the loading bar completely empty. On a whim, I have left it going overnight… nothing. I hadn’t opened the Epic Games Launcher in about a year, and have pressed “No” when prompted to give the program permission to edit my files whenever I would load up my computer (Because it would automatically open on start-up). However, recently I tried to open the program, and what I have described occurred. I have tried restarting my laptop, deleting the launcher, and re installing the whole launcher fresh. Restarted my laptop with all programs that automatically load on start-up turned off. I even deleted Avast, because I couldn’t get it to close. After all this… still freezes at the exact same moment. And yes, before people ask, when it hits the “Installing Prerequisites” screen, a pop-up appears asking for access, and each time I hit yes. Any help would be appreciated!

Not an answer, but I have the same exact issue!

I guess I spoke too soon. After restarting, I tried launching the Launcher again, and it asked for (another) permission and said installing, and this time finished without getting stuck. So problem solved for me, for now.

I’m having the exact same problem, installing the launcher for the very first time. Googled to try to find a solution.

Does anyone have a solution?? Do I just need to go back to Steam because I can’t use Epic Games on this computer?